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St. Ann’s High School

The congregation of the sisters of St. Ann to which the sisters belong, is a Christian Religious order founded by the pious couple of Turin (Italy) Carlo Tancredi De Barola and Giulia Falletti De Barola in 1834. Active in the filed of education throughout the world since its origin, the congregation conducts in India nearly 50 High schools and over a dozen colleges in which thousands of young people, belonging to every social class, community and linguistic group are being educated through the medium of both English and Regional language.

St. Ann’s High School at Jamnagar is an English Medium School Founded in 1953 and named after the great saint and patroness of our sisters.





Annites education is inspired by our founders’ vision, mainly from the teaching of Jesus Christ and based on the principles of character formation, elaborated by Carlo and Giulia De Barolo.

Our vision

Inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus, and stirred by the direction and example of our Founders, Charlo Tancredi and Giulia Di Barolo, who were gripped by the love of the Holy

Course & Studies

Course & Studies

Manager’s Message

As we embark on this journey together, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the opportunities and growth that lie ahead. The dedicated staff of St.Ann's school, Jamnagar has been working tirelessly to ensure a protective and inspiring environment for all.

Principal’s Message

St. Ann’s High School aspires to Empower all students to succeed in their world. Our school offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoying and successful curricular opportunities, athletic programs, performing arts and musical programs with various clubs and activities.

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