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School Prayers


O my God, I love you. Dear GOD, Please bless my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, teachers and my friends. Bless me and make me a good child.

  1. O Lord, help us with your grace, to begin, to continue and to finish this work for your greaterAi??honour and glory. Enlighten our minds, that we may understand, what we are going to study, and apply ourselves diligently to the work in hand. Lord, throughout this day, let me be faithful to my duties, respectful and courteous to my teachers, companions and everyone I will meet. Above all, let me never offend you by my thoughts, words or actions. ST. Ann bless us your children. Look on us with love and motherly care. Keep us pure now and always. Amen.
  2. O God, our loving Father, we have gathered here in your presence to praise you, to thank you and to pledge our love to you. Help us to be worthy children of yours, of our families, of our school and of our country. Help us to be good to everyone, always and everywhere. Help us not to hurt anyone in thought, word or deed. Give us your spirit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding so that we may study well and pass this year. Amen.
  3. Give me O God, a sense ofAi??responsibility, to myself, so that I may never waste the gifts which you have given to me, To my parents that I may do something to try to repay them for all the love and care they have given me, To my teachers so that their patient teaching may not be wasted, To the world, so that I may put into life more than I take out, Help me to remember what I have so that I too may contribute my share for my country and its people.
  4. Lord bless our beloved country. Make it prosperous. Bless all its people and give light and wisdom to its leaders. May they lead the country along the path of justice andAi??righteousness. Bless the poor, give them faith and hope in Your Providence, give them food and shelter. Bless both children and youth, fill them with good ambitions. Dear Lord, keep our country free from all internal strife and external aggression. Help our country to solve its problems in the right way. And Lord, let its people always hope and trust in you.
  5. O God, father of us all, we come to you before this happy festival and ask your blessings on all of us. May each one of us grow through our relationship with our brothers and sisters and help us always to be considerate of each other. Remove all barriers from our hearts so that we can joyfully celebrate this joyous day.
  6. O Divine Teacher, you entrusted to our teachers the task to form us into your image. Help us to appreciate the hard work that they put in and help us to yield to their touch of love so that we may be formed into leaders for your greater, glory and the service of mankind.
  • May the strength of God pilot us.
  • May the Power of God preserve us.
  • May the Hand of God protect us.
  • May the Wisdom of God direct us.
  • May the Way of God lead us.
  • May the Shield of God defend us.
  • May the Host of God guard us against all kinds of evil.
  • May God be with us, in and around us, Amen.

India is my country, all Indians are my brother and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall respect my parents, teachers and all my elders and treat everyone with courtesy. I pledge of devotion to my country and its people. My happiness lies in their well-being and prosperity.