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Our Patroness

St. Ann the patroness of the institution

St. Ann is the patroness of our school

She is the model of all Mothers and Educators as her daughter Mary became the Mother of Jesus Christ. She is the patron Saint of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann. Ann and Joachim were the parents of the Virgin Mary and the grandparents of Jesus. St. Ann was born in the city of Nazareth and educated in the temple of Lord. Her family belonged to the tribe of Levi. The meaning of the word ANNA in Hebrew is ‘grace’.

St. Ann was a lovely, learned, discreet and reverent lady. These qualities made her an outstanding person. She was well educated. Having studies the history and geography of Israel, along with mathematics and natural sciences. Joachim and Ann were fond of both, books and music. In the evening, they read together, or Ann sang while her husband accompanied her on the harp.

St. Ann was faithful in herAi??attendance in the temple and to the poor. She had a great gift of nursing the sick both in body and mind. Those in pain and distress frequently called on her for help and were never denied. All this she did, not only as part of her duty, but gladly, welcoming it as a way in which she could serve the people and, through them, her God. St. Ann was a great educator, as well as a devoted wife, dedicated mother and privileged grandmother.