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Rules & Regulations

  1. The School year normally begins in June and ends in May.
  2. Registration for the Kindergarten classes is made in the month of January. The age for admission for the L.K.G. Class is three and half years.
  3. True copy of the official birth certificate should be produces for the admission to kindergarten and Std. I.
  4. If seats are available, admission during the year may be made for valid reasons. Candidates applying for admission are as a rule subject to entrance tests.
  5. At the time of the admission, the student should be personally introduced by their parents/guardian who will be responsible to the school authorities for their studies, fees, conduct, regularity and discipline.
  6. Leaving Certificate from the previous recognized school, counter-signed by the Educational Officer of the state should be produced during admission, if the student comes from another state.
  7. Candidates seeking admission should pass the given tests of the class for which she is found suitable.
  8. No candidate shall be admitted to the school without a valid Leaving Certificate from the previous school attended. A contrary remark in it may invalidate the candidateai??i??s admission.
  9. The principal has the right to admit a student or refuse admission without having to give reasons for her decision.