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  • Monday to Saturday 8.AM -05.00PM


Our traditions

  1. We give God the first place in our lives and we begin our activities with prayer.
  2. We avoid vulgarity in our talk and behavior.
  3. We always try to be friendly with one another in and out of school.
  4. We accept whatever work is assigned to us as our rightful share.
  5. We offer help to any unattended visitor we happen to meet in the school premises.
  6. We stand up with due respect when any sister, teacher or visitor enters or passes through any room in which we happen to be alone or with classmates.
  7. We try to be courteous with sportsmanship with opposing teams and with officials.
  8. We respect the beauty of the school premises and we report any damage, which we may observe.
  9. We learn and observe good manners, in the classroom and elsewhere.
  10. We avoid dropping waste paper, crumbs of food in the school verandahs, stairs or anywhere i the school premises and we make it a point to pick up any such things dropped by others.